Player: Mitch; Gender: gal

Wizard (abjurist) 12
Medium humanoid (half-elf), NG
Armor Class: 14/17; Hit Points: 62 (+30); speed 30

Str 11, Dex, 18, Con 12, Int 22, Wis, 12, Cha 16
INT save +10, Arcana +10, History +10, Investigation +10, WIS save +5, Insight +5, Medicine +5, Persuasion +7

Defenses: (projected) arcane ward (2x spell level)
Senses: Darkvision 60ft, Perception +1
Languages: Common, Elven, Primordial





Traveling with The Monarchs.


Magatha Dwalden


Amara’s story does not start with her birth. She was to be the final stepping stone to a plan carefully laid out by her mother.

Her mother, Alavara Tyrnea, and father, Marcus Delryn, were members of a necromantic cult known as Iter Immortalis centered in the country of Geb. The pair of them for many years served as two of the best agents in the cult. Largely this was due to them posing as devotees of Iomedae and working themselves into the good graces of various kingdoms. When trouble would strike they would offer to deal with the trouble, allowing them to disrupt any competition to Iter’s goals and also have first pick at any artifacts or lore their targets may have.

Alavara however broke away from the country of Geb as she did not wish to progress to a full-fledged undead. She was increadibly arrogant and saw herself as a paragon of elfdom, and saw becoming a lich or any other type of undead as undesirable. Taking as many artifacts and tomes as she could, she fled far, far to the north. She made her new home in the Ebonwood, a forest of hardy ironwood trees in southwestern Ustalav. Summoning an undead legion she forced a small village, Willowdale, on the edge of the forest to offer her sacrifices for her research. In her search for immortality and power she believed she could transfer her soul to another host, one of her own blood. Before leaving the Iter, she magically seduced Marcus to father a child: Amara. Though Amara was half-elven, something the prideful Alavara detested, she would mature much faster and would serve as a proof-of-concept possession.

Iter Immortalis was not idle, however. They sent Marcus and a cabal of necromancers to hunt her down. Eventually they succeeded in tracking her to Willowdale. As “Sir Marcus” he fought and eventually slew Alavara, but she had a final revenge: Her lab and all the plundered artifacts were sealed behind a door that required one of Alavara’s blood to cast a spell on it. Within the parts of her lair he could search he found Amara and realized her connection to Alavara. Marcus, having other duties, left Amara in the care of the village of Willowdale (How? Who?) so as to keep her safe and near his ultimate goal. When he could return to the village he would bring books of arcane learning and spin her tales of famous mages trying to push her in the direction of picking up the craft. Not only did she pick it up, she embraced it.

Ultimately, her time in Willowdale would end in tragedy. As she matured, her mother’s features started to show through. Willowdale was still recovering from Alavara’s cruelty, and Amara was exiled as soon as the villagers realized who her mother was. Lost and alone in the forest for many days, she collapsed. Delirious, she saw a vision of an owl that seemed to be beckoning her, and with the last of her strength she followed it. It led her to an amazing sight: A mighty ironwood tree reshaped by magic into a tower. She explored the tower, opened up the lab, and discovered her mother’s secrets. Alavara had kept meticulous notes on her life, as well as the activities of “Sir” Marcus and Iter Immortalis as a whole.

Amara destroyed most of what was in the tower, leaving only the artifacts and tools she couldn’t destroy, a grimoire, and some of her mother’s more important notes. She took the grimoire and notes and sealed up everything else, hoping that the tower would keep anyone from gaining access to them. The owl vision was no longer present outside, but there was a pygmy owl that seemed oddly familiar so she made it her familiar. She had planned on returning to Willowdale to reclaim some things she had been forced to leave, but found the village being pillaged by bandits led by her father. She fled Willowdale and hasn’t stopped traveling since.


Insatiably curious, but now rather untrusting (which I’ve done a poor job with so far. Whoops). That is not to say she doesn’t want to help. She likes the idea of people but she finds herself uncomfortable around too many people. While traveling she has used her magic to solve the odd problem that pops up in the various villages. In particular if anything pops up dealing with cults or necromancy she makes it her mission to do what she can to stop it (not that this has ever popped up before)


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